So the Wholistic Worldview of Life lays the Groundwork to enable solving the described issues and show a way how things can be done right. Solutions can be achieved by The Three Requirements of:

  1. Acknowledging we are a Being with a Spirit/Ego, Soul and Body that Operates best in a Coherent manner;
  2. Applying The FOUR SKILLS of OUR HEART:
  • Good Intent & Openmindedness
  • Feeling for Truth  
  • Empathy & a Pure Conscience
  • Intuition & the Will and Ability to do Good

3. Working on your Personal Power Harmonizer.

It seems obvious we need to walk this talk in our Personal Life first before we would be able to work out of it in Business and Government.

Heartworkz has developed Services-Package to be able to work towards achieving the Three Requirements on each of the 3 Levels.

Let's zoom into these Three Requirements a bit more closely.

FIRST Requirement: Recognize that Our Make-Up is THREEFOLD. We have a Spirit, a Soul and a Body that Operates best in accordance with its Nature, that is: in a Coherent manner. Those three components basically have the following characteristics:

  1. Our Spirit/Ego is Directing our Life in a Consciously Benevolent Manner through Good Ideas and by making Good Choices;
  2. Our Soul (or Psyche as the Greeks called it) enables us to become Conscious of our Feelings (of ourselves, others and the world around us) and let them interject what they tell us, while we Asses and Atune our Spiritual Input, with our Desires, our Talents, Characteristics and our Bodily Sensations. So: we have feelings, but are not them;
  3. Our Body and its Impressions, Sensations, Urges and Instincts, which our Brain processes for us to become Conscious of them by interjecting Thoughts, including those generated by the Intellect, in order for us to integrate those in our Overall Modus Operandi. Our thinking is actually a means of Observation, just as our feelings are. So regarding thinking it is: we have thoughts but are not them.

SECOND Requirement: After having acknowledged this we need to get pursue achieving the State of Coherency of those Three Components within ourselves. This can be done by Activating The 4 Skills of the Heart into your Modus Operandi (Heartworkz will provide you with its "4 Skills of the Heart Activation Questionaire" to help you achieve that):

1. Good Intent and Openmindedness - it's like being a child, always eager to learn something new. When you are confronted with things that do not match with your views or opinions try to: Not be prejudice, have off the bat judgements, jump to conclusions, label or boxing them in and not want to discuss things anymore.

This is the part where the Tree comes in: Imagine that everybody is standing around a Tree, with their own "glasses on", and each angle determines a different view and perspective on things. It does not mean they are wrong, just different. Openmindedness means it is at first a matter of trying to map things out, without letting our Intellect or what we already "supposedly know" have us. We all have our own set of "glasses on" so there are 7 Billion shades of grey; i.e. 7 Billion worldviews and religions.

2. Feeling for Truth - Expanding our thinking with our feelings, and thinking in vivid colorful images, i.e. in Visualizations. We can then allow more angles (the 7 Billion shades of Grey) to enter the equasion. Logic has a feeling component to it. In this way we can arrive at Reason and Logic. The Intellect is part of this to interject its clarity by letting it shape those thoughts very clear and refined.

We then get an Imagery that speaks the proverbial thousand words. This leads to Wisdom.

3. Empathy & a Pure Conscience- Empathizing into the Other Person or Being by being respectful and non-judgemental towards them. To have a Good conversation requires us to be sensitive to others to be able to be silent so we can really listen and hear them. This is also where Morality and Fairness comes in the most: it's not ok to harm others or anything in any way whatsoever. Empathy also enables us to connect with others and things, to go with the flow, experience and play; to be creative. Artistic activities help to do so. This leads to Understanding.

4. Intuition - the Will and Ability to do Good: it's what's good for you, the other and the world. It has all the others in it: It is of Good Intent & Openminded, it Feels Reasonable, Logic and True and it comes from a Pure Consience and Understanding. So this is the ultimate goal to strive for is Intuition. An example of that is also being in "good shape" as they say; you can then achieve your peak-performance. Being able to base our Actions on Intuition leads to making our World a better place and change Evil into something Good.

THIRD Requirement: Working on your "Personal Power Harmonizer".

This is a matter of Understanding the Make-Up of your Being, such as the Micro-Universe within, and How to work with it in a more conscious and directed manner. It involves elements such as:

  • The "4 Skills of the Heart Activation Questionaire"
  • The Organogram of "The Personal Power Harmonizer"
  • Your personal Worldview
  • The 12 Worldviews and 12 World Religions
  • Your 7 Major Organs and how they express themselves on a Bodily, Soul and Spiritual level
  • The 4 Elements of Creation in us
  • Playing with Art to Open your Heart and Expand your Awareness (Sound, Rhythm & Beat)
  • The Laws of Creation in us.

These materials are of a propietary nature and will require me to have an In-Take Conversation with you in order to determine how we can shape a working realtionship.

I hope that so far you were inspired by the materials on my website and are interested in learning more about it and especially to work with it.