The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & The New Sound and Just Monetary System

Patrick completed this book in June, 2020, but it is still highly applicable to the current WW3-like Geo-Political events in 2023.

This book exposes one of the most egregious attacks on mankind: The corrupt and fraudulent monetary and banking system and how it facilitates the Global Abuse of the Creation of Money.

That system was designed by an International Banking Cabal so they could abuse it in order to control, bind and enslave us. 

You're taken on a captivating journey showing how this International Banking Cabal forced their evil monetary system on humanity thereby poisoning the core and lifelines of our societies, governments, banks, businesses and households. This International Banking Cabal has been using this totally corrupt system the last two centuries as their ultimate weapon of mass-manipulation to enforce their evil global Geo-Political agenda on humanity, while securing enormous wealth for itself.This book demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt why this fraudulent and corrupt monetary and financial system needs to be replaced. In contrast, it outlines some fundamentals that a new just monetary system can consist of.

The good news is that a grand new sound and just monetary system is actually emerging to replace the current cancerous system which will be a blessing for humanity. The book highlights some of the system’s properties, its supreme technology, how it is coming about and who is involved in carrying it out.

The last Chapter in the book also provides an upbeat preview of The Power Harmonizer. One of its purposes is to address the many inadequacies of the current political system, which will benefit the proper operating of the new sound and just monetary system. Therefore, adjustments in the Design of the Societal Power-Structure is also needed. The Template of The Power Harmonizer enables such a Redesign of the Governmental Apparatus so the powers therein can be addressed more adequately while interjecting harmonizing fundamentals in the operation and decision-making processes. It will result in massive improvements for the needed transparent, honest and proper governing and put a halt to the ruthless and insane expansion of Globalist Marxist-Fascist World-State.