As mentioned in "The Approach" Mainstream Materialistic Science (hereafter "Mainstream Science") is Deceived by the merely Physical Applications of the Intellect andd the FIVE Physical Senses.

The Make-Up of Mainstream Science is therefore based on Fundamental Bias, Falsehoods & Inadequacies that dictate us a Limited, Distorted and Merely Materialistic View of Life.

Its Approach of Life has resulted in that our Consciousness is being permeated by Illusions and Hallucinations, indeed: Lies.

The Bias, Falsehoods & Inadequacies can be Summarized in 10 MAJOR POINTS.

To read the Full Outline go to: The 10 Major Points of the Fundamental Bias, Falsehoods and Inadequacies of Science - 2022.pdf as well as the Consequences of it in the Climate Change Hoax are outlined in the: Theories about Climate Change/Global Warming that are a Hoax.

The 10 MAJOR POINTS are:

  1. It is Based on a Biased, False & Inadequate Epistemology of Immanuel Kant that simply excludes experience as a source of knowledge, while he does not provide any proving arguments to do so;

  2. It Assumes that the Usage of Only the Intellect and our 5 Physical Senses is THÉ Way to obtain Truthful Knowledge, while the Intellect is actually Only an Instrument of Discernment (get Data & describe a First Analysis, Not to draw Definitive Final Conclusions with). This Premise Results in Only adhering to and imposing a Materialistic Intellectual Worldview;

  3. It assumes it’s justified to ONLY apply “Quantifications” and “Falsifications” for conducting Research, thereby limiting its Research and enabling Random Assumptions, Doctoring and Manipulation.

  4. It assumes those “proven” (only not-Falsified) Hypothesis (Issue No. 3) can Simply All be Projected onto Reality, thereby further solidifying the Mere Materialistic and Random Paradigm of Life, Reality & Humanity;

  5. It assumes ONLY DESCRIBING the Consequences and Processes of Phenomena and their Only Intellectually Quantified Hypothesis and Conclusions thereof IS Science, while remaining Clueless, Indifferent and Ignorant about WHAT set it all in motion, HOW and WHY;
  6. It Ignores, Omits, Denies Qualities, including of our Soul, Spirit and the Spiritual World;

  7. It has Not provided Any Answers that would Unambiguously solve the Mysteries & Meaning of Life;

  8. Its Biased, False and Inadequate Approach Results in a Limited, Distorted & Untrue Worldview, Totally Lacking Logic and Reason – So “Merely a Self-Sustaining Belief-System”;

  9. Many of the leading scientists are corrupt, narcissistic, unscrupulous and malicious, publishing research under their name that does not belong to them or expressing their “scientific” opinion while that 1-on-1 comes from parties with self-centered goals which are evil and hostile to man.

  10. Its developed Policies, Prognostications, Projections and Technologies lack Sound, Integrated, Coherent, Logic, Moral, Soul and Spiritual Assessments, Research and Content.

This has had many consequences throughout the Planet and in our Personal Lives, the Way how we Operate our Businesses and our Governmental Apparatus.


These 10 POINTS Show it does Not Make Any Sense At All to assume that Mainstream Science and all that it produces in the form of its Hypothesized Cognition, Data, Projections to Prognosticate Future Events, Policies or Technologies, would Result in Any Unambiguously Clarifying Truthful Statements or Conclusions about the World, Nature, Humanity, our Soul, our Spirit, Spirituality, Spiritual phenomena and Religion. Nor about the reminiscents located through-out the World that appear to be of a religious or spiritual nature, or (future) World Events.

So, in case Science is NOT doctored or manipulated and restrains itself from professing it is omnipresent and honestly acknowledges its limitations (the No.’s 1-9), it’s outcome in studies and cognition could be Relevant.

But even then it will only reflect a partial aspect of Reality, and it should NOT dictate our entire Life, nor the Policies and Technologies we develop.

And so it is an UTTER DECEPTION, and actually an INSANITY, for People, Organizations, Businesses, Governments, Nations and Global Organizations to completely shape their Worldview, their thinking, their Lives, their Policies, their Technologies, to be Only and Fully in sync in a blind-trusting, dogmatic and “religious belief” manner with all that Mainstream Science and the Intellect dictates us regarding Life and especially Climate Change.

Therefore, we need to Re-Define & Expand our Worldview to provide us with a Sound Wholistic Worldview of Life & Truthful Knowledge. This will enable us to Improve making Benevolent Decisions with regard to our Personal Life, in the Business World and in Government and Politics.