COVID-19 is a "Satanic Trojan Horse Operation" - A Pre-planned Sophisticated Major Hostile Take-Over and Lethal Attack on Humanity by the Deep State-Cabal to overtake people from within their own bodies and steal their God-Given Sovereignty.


De NL'se pdf-power point versie van "De Covid-19 False Flag & het levensgevaarlijke Nep-Vaccin": Covid19 False Flag 2022.pdf

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De onderliggende uiteenzetting van de 10 Fundamentele Vooringenomendheden, Valsheden en Ontoereikendheden van de Reguliere Materialistische Wetenschap kunt u hier vinden: De 10 Vooringenomenheden, Valsheden en Ontoereikendheden vd Reguliere Wetenschap - April, 2022.pdf


To read the Full 40-page English Article go to the pdf-version: The Covid19 False Flag & Crime Against Humanity - 22nd of Jan, 2022.pdf

The Overall Conclusions regarding The Covid-19 False Glag & Crime Against Humanity are:

• The official story regarding CV-19 is a total lie;

• The WHO, the National Health Institutions, most Governments, involved cooperating Medical Professionals and Mainstream Fake-News Media, have shown by how this “crisis” was addressed that there is a structural Lack of Good Faith, they have Lied, have committed Fraudulent Misrepresentation and have committed Crimes Against Humanity;

• The so-called "CV-19 virus" is not a human virus, but a man-made synthetic unnatural chimeric and toxic Bio-Weapon that operates as a "3-Fold Cocktail" in conjunction with (2) Graphene Oxide and (3) 5G/Electro-Magnetic radiation, which indeed can make humans sick,

• The Kill-Jabs have mRNA in them that instructs your cells to generate the Spike-Protein (unnatural to humans making your immunesystem attack itself, causing ADE) and in cooperation with the Graphene Oxide based ingredients in those Kill-Jabs, and especially in the boosters, those alter your entire Make-up and your DNA and work on turning people into constitutional materialistic Cyborgs, through which people become manipulatble via 5G/Electro-Magnetic Radiation, can be connected to the Internet and A.I., thereby resulting in blocking and hi-jacking people from their innate being, their feelings, soul and spirit.

• All other proven healing methods have been ridiculed and blocked. This shows a 100% lack of good will on the part of those who spread the story about Covid-19, dictate it and shows a hidden agenda aimed at inoculating people with the Kill-Jabs.

What needs to be done:

  • All the remaining Kill-Jabs should be destroyed;

  • All measures should be stopped immediately;

  • All People should be fully guaranteed and enabled to make their own free choice of treatment and helped in the best possible and available ways to be able to fully recover from being sick from CV-19 and from its Kill-Jab and boosters;

  • All those who are responsible for this crime and took part in its execution should be held accountable.

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