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In addition to the Consulting Services we also provide Energetic Cleansing & Healing Services. Those can be provided separately, or in a complementary fashion to the Personal, Organizational or Societal Consulting Services.

On a Personal Level think of the area where you live in and your home. Are the energetics OK there, or do they actually bother you or are they even that bad that they are harmful to you? Are there any entities that have a negative impact there? Are there any ley-lines or power points in your home or your area? How are they operating?

On an Organiational Level the same applies, but that will also involve more people and cover larger areas as well as then involve the spiritual beings at work in the organization.

On a Societal Level it will involve all of the above but then on a National level. Therefore, it will especially involve the Angelic Spirit of the People of a Nation and how he/she is able to express and inspire the people in a benevolent and proper manner. This means how all of its lands, nature, villages, cities, organziations, etc. are operating.

Our Perspective on that level has become this: if you want to set-up and properly run a Nation, State, Province, District or County the Energetics within its Geographical Area need to be operating soundly as well. That may require addressing some deep traumatic issues that have happened over the years and which have been affecting the entire Nation, its nature and all the people in their being.  

This latter Energetic Cleansing & Healing may also be felt and perceived by people within such an area, but might not be picked up by those in power. We can still be of help with that in case people are able to cover our expenses.

Feel free to inquire about that.