The Approach applied in the Consulting on all 3 Levels is based on an ultra-contemporary Wholistic Worldview of Life that coherently embraces our Spirit/Ego, our Soul and our Body in correspondence with their Nature.

Such Worldview is a Solution to the Major Issue in the World: that we are Deceived, Limited and Dictated by the Intellect. It causes that we can get stuck in a Labyrinth...

The Wholistic Worldview contains the Groundwork to Solve that Issue by enabling the Qualities of our Hearts to be Centerstage and let those Direct our Ideas, Thoughts, Feelings and Actions.

When the Heart is enabled to Direct things like that we can Operate in ALL AREAS of Life out of a Benevolent Constructive Approach that Addresses things in an Inclusive, Coherent and Harmonzing Manner.

The Groundwork to be able to achieve that consists of Three Requirements: 

  1. Acknowledge that we have a Spirit/Ego, Soul and Body that Operate best in Accordance with their Nature, i.e. in a Coherent manner;
  2. Apply The FOUR SKILLS of OUR HEART:
  • Good Intent & Openmindedness
  • Feeling for Truth  
  • Empathy & a Pure Conscience
  • Intuition & the Will and Ability to do Good

     3. Work on your "Personal Power Harmonizer".


The major issue on the planet is that we -or to be more precise our Ego's- are Deceived, Limited and Dictated by the Intellect.

Our Ego can become convinced that the Intellect is the ultimate instrument that we can trust to provide all the answers in Life. Countless areas in Life have been dictated by the deceitful perspective of the Intellect, in our Personal lives, in Business and in our Societies.

Don't get me wrong, the Intellect is of great value and we need it. It is our razor sharp tool for discernment, it is fundamental for our thinking, to shape our Life out of freedom, to find our way in Life and make our own choices. So far however the Intellect has been applied in a limited manner.

That's because its primary Focus and Application has been limited to ONLY on the Physical World.

And so the Intellect has been used to project its materialistic angle on all things through its hypothesis, abstract assumptions and data-intepretations. Its Approach only considers a reality what it can see, taste, smell, touch or hearr. Materialistic Science is fully based on the Application of the Intellect in this Earth-Directed manner. The methodology it applies Assumes a way of gaining "objective cognition" by ONLY QUANTIFYING the data it has collected and by then taking it out of its context to be able to weigh, count and/or measure it. Subsequently, it draws its conclusions in a binary, black and white hypothesis. Its results are only some degree of cognition, but not actual knowledge. The page "The Bias, Falsehoods & Inadequacies of Materialistic Science" outlines why this is so (you can also find the more elaborate version in a pdf via this link: The 10 Major Points of the Fundamental Bias, Falsehoods and Inadequacies of Science - 2022.pdf

This PHYSICAL ANGLE on things that it is telling us can only be that and thus it is a limited, sometimes even rather random, version of reality.

Therefore its views of Life have resulted in the "conviction and belief" that there is only a materialistic reality.

What it thereby simply fully disregards, denies and dismisses (and has no intention of really taking into account) are the other realities that are there: that of the Soul and the Spirit. Why? Because those are QUALITIES that it cannot map out because it CANNOT QUANTIFY them.

All of this is also understandable because the Intellect does not have any feelings. This means it CANNOT obtain access to the Soul which fundamentally operates on feelings. Thus the Intellect cannot figure out what the actual full nature is of the Soul and Spirit. This results in a straight-jacketed limitation and handicap on our Consciousness - actually even in illusions, hallucinations and outright lies.

So the Ego can get deceived by this limited materialistic view of Life that the tricky Intellect is so eager to makes us believe.

But it is the Ego that is actually the Driver behind the wheel, the Director, the one who is operating the Intellect. This means the Ego is also able to make a different choice in stead of allowing the Intellect to dictate all things, our thinking, our consciousness and Worldview. If the Ego allows the Intellect to fully dicate things it can even turn into wild totalitarian tendencies and even destructiveness. Who is not familiar with insensitive, harsh, cynical, divisive, loveless prejudice and judgements by others ? Right, those come from the(ir) Intellect. If the Intellect doesn't have any feelings how can it show any empathy, or conscience, or morale, or have regard for freedom and love, or say anthing profound and spot on about love at all ?

So let's take a closer look at the Intellect and point out some major inconsistencies:

  • You can’t “see” your THINKING, but nobody will deny they think;
  • You can’t “see” your FEELINGS, but nobody likes them to be disregarded;
  • You can’t “see” your IMPULSES of Will, but you surely are driven by them;
  • Nor can you “see” your new IDEAS (that sometimes come out of the blue) but they surely inspire you.        


So in order to arrive at the more complete, inclusive, sound and Wholistic Worldview we first of all we need to enable our Spirit/Ego to start making better decisions, how to better direct its entire Modus Operandi and how to best wield the Intellect. To be able to do so we need to identify what our Ego actually is and where its Home-Base is.

Our Ego is that element in us that makes every single one of us unique. It is reflected in your name, your life, your face, your biography and your individuality. We can only talk of ourselves as "I" [as some refer to it]. It's also called "the Self". The Home-Base of our Ego is in OUR HEART. Our Heart is the most crucial Organ in us that makes all the others run, our blood flow through our veins and organs, and keeps us Alive and in a Healthy State. So we can definitely not do without it.

Now let's interject some Results of Research that are both scientific in their set-up as well as Out-of-the-Box. The Results show that the Heart is the core of our being.

This Research has shown that our Heart has a 5000 times stronger Magnetic Field around it than around our Brain. The same research has also shown that the heart reacts to sensations/impressions 20 seconds BEFORE the brain does, by which we actually become aware of something through having completed our thought-process. So the Heart is Conscious of things ahead of time than the brain, and so it's actually our "1st responder". This is vital clarity because materialistic scientists say all of our consciousness stems from the brain. So that appears to be not true.

There is another similar mathematical angle regarding our Heart which also shows the connection of our Heart with the Sun:

  1. Our Heart beats 18 times per Minute;
  2. Our Heart beats 18 x 60 = 1080 times per Hour;
  3. Our Heart beats 1080 x 24 = 25.920 per Day;
  4. Our Heart has 4 “Chambers”;
  5. Our Heart-Rate is calculated by multiplying the Beats x 4 = so 18 x 4 = 72;
  6. 72 years is considered our average lifespan;
  7. Pop Music is always in a 4/4th measure at a tempo of 72 (so easy for everybody to relate to);
  8. Every year that we Age 1 Year the Sun is on the same spot as it was on our Birthday;
  9. 72 x 360 = 25,920 years;
  10. The Sun moves through the Zodiac in 25.920 years (2160 x 12 years); a so called “Cosmic Cycle”;
  11. The Sun dictates all Life on Earth as shown in its path of 1 Year, the 4 Seasons, 12 Months, 52 Weeks and 7 Days.

How do we deduct a Wholistic Worldview of Life from this that makes sense for us to work with?

The Results also say that when we are in a State of Coherency when there is Harmony of our Spirit, Soul and Body. In that case there is a Harmonic Alignment and Cooperation between our heart, our thinking and our emotions. Like that we Optimize our State of Being; i.e. are in harmony, at peace and happy. In a Wholistic Worldview the pursuit of a State of Coherency is inherent.  

The Sun sets an example to us. It shows it is always in such State of Coherency, or makes sure it gets back to it, because it Succesfully & Benevolently Directs Life on our Planet and in our Universe. The Sun makes us happy and at peace: in harmony.

So this aso means it makes total sense to pursue obtaining such a Benevolent Harmonic Coherency between our Spirit, Soul and Body. The big Question is how can we achieve that ?

It can be done by the THREE Requirements I mentioned earlier:

Requirement 1: We need to first acknowledge that we are a Being with a Spirit/Ego, Soul and Body that Operates best in a Coherent manner.

Requirement 2: Apply The FOUR SKILLS of OUR HEART:

  • Good Intent & Openmindedness
  • Feeling for Truth  
  • Empathy & a Pure Conscience
  • Intuition & the Will and Ability to do Good

Requirement 3: Work on your "Personal Power Harmonizer".

It all starts with being able to Implement these Three Requirements in your Personal Life. The first 2 Requirements will enable you to understand How The Power Harmonizer works in your Personal Life.

So the Personal Section is Fundamental to be able to adequatly work with it in a Business Arena and Government Setting, because:

WHO can actually properly operate an Organization of people if they cannot practice operating themselves out of State of Coherency and the 4 Skills of the Heart ?

Or WHO in Government and Politics can properly work for the people and by the people if they themselves are not pursuing to achieve the State of Coherency and the 4 Skills of the Heart ?

I'd say: NOBODY!