Since 2014 Patrick has been Secretary of the Foundation "Stichting Renteswapschadeclaim". This foundation was created (dissolved since October, 2021) to pursue relief of damages for those who were damaged by the devastating, relentless and treacherous abuse of the Dutch Banking World of their clientele through their sales of Interest Rate Swaps.

It was the non-stop effort of this Foundation, especially of its chairman Pieter Lijesen, that ultimately resulted in getting the Dutch Banks and Government to "bend the knee" and come up with a Settlement Scheme for the damaged Entrepreneurs and Private persons who were defrauded by the sale of Interest Rate Swaps. This Scheme is called "the Recovery Framework", see:

In his capacity as the Secretary and a Lawyer for the Foundation Patrick helped it to achieve victory in this absurd uphill battle.  

The success is Noteworthy while so far the Dutch Banks have paid out EURO 2 Billion in compensation to their damaged clients. The total amount that is estimated to be paid out in damages is around EURO 4 Billion. The banks are of course dragging their feet with the pay outs.

In-spite of all that was achieved has the Foundation to date (2023) NOT received the proper credit for having been the main fighter against this ridiculous injustice and the one who actually was the genius to make the wrongdoers pay their dues.

People and entrepreneurs who have benefitted from this should especially thank Pieter Lijesen for this.