Our Services consist of Consulting & Coaching on The Three Levels of either Personal, Business or Government that will be shaped into a tailored cut Consulting-Package in accordance to your needs .

The Services are based on The Approach and therefore always include The Three Requirements as is formulated there:

Requirement 1: Acknowledge we are a Being with a Spirit/Ego, Soul and Body that Operates best in a Coherent manner.

Requirement 2: Work on The FOUR SKILLS of OUR HEART:

  • Good Intent & Openmindedness
  • Feeling for Truth¬†¬†
  • Empathy & a Pure Conscience
  • Intuition & the Will and Ability to do Good

Requirement 3: Work on your "Personal Power Harmonizer".

The composure of your tailored-cut Consulting-Package depends on which of the Three Levels your require our Services. Their basic components are:


  • The "4 Skills of the Heart Activation Questionaire"
  • The Organogram of "The Personal Power Harmonizer"
  • Your personal Worldview
  • The 12 Worldviews and 12 World Religions
  • Your 7 Major Organs and how they express themselves on a Bodily, Soul and Spiritual level
  • The 4 Elements of Creation in us
  • Playing with Art to Open your Heart and Expand your Awareness (Sound, Rhythm & Beat)
  • The Laws of Creation in us.


  • All of those items listed under "Personal"
  • A Power Point Presentation for Businesses
  • A Handbook
  • An Organogram of "The Power Harmonizer for Businesses".


  • All items listed under "The Personal Power Harmonizer" & those of "The Power Harmonizer for Businesses"
  • A Power Point Presentation for Governments
  • A Handbook
  • Organogram of "The Power Harmonizer for Governments" (a partial impression of it is depicted here below)
  • A copy of the Book "The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & Doing it Otherwise".

If you would want to discuss possibilities for engaging my Services please send me an email under: and I will get in touch with you.