Our Services consist of Consulting & Coaching on The Three Levels of either Personal, Business or Government that will be shaped into a tailored cut Consulting-Package in accordance to your needs .

The Services are based on The Approach and therefore always include The Three Requirements as is formulated there:

Requirement 1: Acknowledge we are a Being with a Spirit/Ego, Soul and Body that Operates best in a Coherent manner.

Requirement 2: Work on The FOUR SKILLS of OUR HEART:

  • Good Intent & Openmindedness
  • Feeling for Truth  
  • Empathy & a Pure Conscience
  • Intuition & the Will and Ability to do Good

Requirement 3: Work on your "Personal Power Harmonizer".

The composure of your tailored-cut Consulting-Package depends on which of the Three Levels your require our Services. Their basic components are:


  • The "4 Skills of the Heart Activation Questionaire"
  • The Organogram of "The Personal Power Harmonizer"
  • Your personal Worldview
  • The 12 Worldviews and 12 World Religions
  • Your 7 Major Organs and how they express themselves on a Bodily, Soul and Spiritual level
  • The 4 Elements of Creation in us
  • Playing with Art to Open your Heart and Expand your Awareness (Sound, Rhythm & Beat)
  • The Laws of Creation in us.


  • All of those items listed under "Personal"
  • A Power Point Presentation for Businesses
  • A Handbook
  • An Organogram of "The Power Harmonizer for Businesses".


  • All items listed under "The Personal Power Harmonizer" & those of "The Power Harmonizer for Businesses"
  • A Power Point Presentation for Governments
  • A Handbook
  • Organogram of "The Power Harmonizer for Governments" (a partial impression of it is depicted here below)

If you would want to discuss possibilities for engaging my Services please send me an email under: and I will get in touch with you.a