Heartworkz Consultancy was founded by Patrick E.J. Steensma.

Patrick is a Lawyer, a Visionary, Author and an Energetic Healer. He has developed an Expertise in the following areas:

  • The Global Abuse and Corruption of the Monetary System
  • Bias, Falsehoods & Inadequacies of Mainstream Materialistic Science
  • Universal Wholistic Science
  • Universal Music
  • Human Evolution, its Purpose & History
  • Spiritual Perspectives on Geo-Politics
  • The Revelation of St. John
  • Esoteric Cosmic Grail Christianity
  • Proper Corporate Organizational & Societal Political Structure
  • The Actual Agenda of the Cabal
  • Cleansing & Healing Work of Earth’s Energetics; Power Points, Nature Spirits, Riddance of Black Magic


Early in his Life Patrick became interested in obtaining solutions to issues of human life from a universal perspective and studied many spiritual icons.He therefore has been focused on connecting an ultra-contemporary Wholistic Worldview of Life with successful Applications for personal, corporate, cultural, social, economic and planetary concerns on a global level. He developed a coherent Approach of this Wholistic Worldview of Life which embraces the Earthy, Spiritual and Cosmic Realms of Life into a coherent, inclusive and clear blend.

Interaction among people has always been an important area of research for him, and it led to many of the ideas and techniques that he ultimately developed and fine-tuned for the Three Levels of his Consultancy.

Having been an entrepreneur most of his professional life he initially focused on understanding people, personal growth, coaching and the business world at large. Through the international projects he got involved in he developed a vast expertise in international contract law, organizational operations and financial, monetary, constitutional, societal and governmental issues.

One of the projects he has made a noteworthy successful contribution to has been the uphill battle for relief of damages for Entrepreneurs who were damaged because of the treacherous Interest Rate Swaps that the Dutch banks had sold them under many misrepresentations. Patrick is the Secretary of the Foundation which has generates an avelanche of efforts of all sorts to get the Banks to address these unlawful actions. These efforts finally led to the achievement of an actual Recovery Framework for those Entrepreneurs.

His skills and interest, as well as his joy in working with people, was expanded through working with nature and the earth in a healing capacity via the use of his voice and music to open pathways of research and gaining awarness. This resulted in spiritual-environmental healing techniques for the entire earth, as well as the power of focus to heal historical events and bring economic healing.

His strongest determination became to create all-encompassing approaches and solutions in personal, business, society, monetary and economic areas, while blending that with the ultra-contemporary Wholistic Worldview of Life which enabled him to address issues in a realistic manner and beyond specific religions and the limitations of the materialistic worldview.

A first result of that was his book “The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & the New Sound and Just Monetary System”, which took him 21 years of research and fine-tuning.

Besides this he also developed a new organic Template that can be applied on the THREE Levels of our Personal Life, of Businesses and Organizations as well as on the Realm of the Societal Structure, Government and Politics. That Template is called "The Power Harmonizer” and it is based on the Full Make-Up of the Human Being and How we can Transform and Optimize our Modus Operandi.

Each of the THREE Levels have their own Forcefield and so there are THREE Variations of The Power Harmonizer.

While Patrick has been very focused on the Monetary Systems and trying to find better ways to operate those it was a fascinating discovery for him to figure out The Power Harmonizer for Societies. With that they can Redesign their Governmental Apparatus so the powers therein can be addressed more adequately while interjecting harmonizing fundamentals in the operation and decision-making processes. The Monetary System will then also be operated in an Adequate and Optimized manner.

This Path has lead him to provide Consultancy on Personal, Business and Govermental Levels.