in government & politics

On The Approach-pages it was outlined what the major issues are in the World. Those issue causes a lot of other issues. Also in Government and Politics.

To determine what issues a Nation is dealing with it will require us to do a more Tailored-Cut Assessment.

However, part of the solution will always be to ensure the Personal Applications and Implementation of The Three Requirements in people's Personal Life and Modus Operandi. That will also lay the Groundwork for those who operate in a Government setting, or in Politics.

After having integrated those 3 Requirements the Government Official or Politician will be ready to grasp and work out of The Power Harmonizer in their field. It could of course be that they already work to a great extent out of the 3 Requirements in their Life. Nevertheless, they are a pre-requisite and consist of the Groundwork to ensure The Power Harmonizer on a Governmental Level will be able to achieve the envisioned Results.  

So on a Governmental Level and in Politics the Road-Map looks as follows:

  1. Acknowledge Our Make-Up is THREEFOLD, that we are a Being with a Spirit/Ego, Soul and Body that Operates best in a Coherent manner;
  2. Apply The FOUR SKILLS of OUR HEART (via the "4 Skills of the Heart Activation Questionaire" to help you achieve that):
  • Good Intent & Openmindedness
  • Feeling for Truth  
  • Empathy & a Pure Conscience
  • Intuition & the Will and Ability to do Good

3. Work on your Personal Power Harmonizer

4. Work with The Power Harmonizer for Governments & Politicians.  

The Consulting Package here includes :

Implementing The Power Harmonizer in this setting and work-field will obviously be complex, go through many stages and will most likely be a lengthy process.  

You can also read up on it more on: Introduction into The Power Harmonizer for Governments and Politics.

It will require me to have an In-Take Conversation with you in order to determine what the purpose is and how we can make a working realtionship out of this. The Power Presentation can be made part of these negotiations.