The climate change hoax exposed

As I have Outlined in The EIGHT MAJOR POINTS of "The Bias & Faslehoods of Materialistic Science" it has resulted that the Approach of Materialistic Science has been dictating us a Limited, Distorted and Merely Materialistic View of Life causing our consciousness to be permeated and deceived by Illusions, Hallucinations and Lies.

While ALL of the ASSUMPTIONS & PROJECTIONS of those who claim to know what the phenomena labelled as "Climate Change/Global Warming" are based on the Bias & Falsehoods of Materialistic Science, it is logic that The Climate Change Theories are a COMPLETE HOAX.

As I stated in The EIGHT MAJOR POINTS of "the Bias & Falsehoods of Materialistic Science":

"These 8 MAJOR POINTS Show it does Not Make Any Sense At All to assume that Ordinary Materialistic Science and all that it produces in the form of its Hypothesized Cognition, Data, Projections to Prognosticate Future Events, Policies or Technologies, would Result in Any Unambiguously Clarifying Truthful Statements or Conclusions about the World, Nature, Humanity, our Soul, our Spirit, Spirituality, Spiritual phenomena and Religion. Nor about the reminiscents located through-out the World that appear to be of a religious or spiritual nature, or (future) World Events, including the assumptions and projections regaarding Climate Change.

So it is a UTTER DECEPTION and actually an INSANITY for People, Organizations, Businesses, Governments, Nations and Global Organizations to completely shape their Worldview, their thinking, their Lives, their Policies, their Technologies, to be Only and Fully in sync in a blind-trusting, dogmatic and “religious belief” manner with all that Ordinary Materialistic Science and the Intellect dictates us regarding Life and especially Climate Change."

Due to its Fundamental Bias & Falsehoods Materialistic Science can Definitely Not produce Any Unambiguously Clarifying Truthful Conclusions, Projections, Prognostications Policies or Measures regarding Climate Change/Global Warming.

Being convinced it would, advocating it and pursuing the implementation of policies based on it Only reveals Sheer Bias and Ignorance.

Or even worse: it’ll reveal an Evil Will and Agenda (like of the false prophets Gore, Obama and the Pope, and of All the Fake News & Fake Science about it !).

So as the Bias & Faslehoods of Materialistic Scince shows it is actually not even necessary to point out that the Assumption that CO2 would be the cause of the warming (if there even is one) is just one more of their false assumptions and that their models and projections on it (like the hockey-stick model proven in a Canadian court to be doctored) are just manipulated fabrications.

It shows that when looking at their models and projections more closely that they are not only wrong, but also very much doctored and manipulated. That is inherent in what was outlined in POINT No. 3 regarding their Biased & False Research Set-up. It enables exactly that: Random Assumptions, Doctoring & Manipulation.              

Neverthless let's take a closer look at the Lies surrounding Climate Change and include some of the accurate representations on the subject:

  • There is DEFINITLY NOT an Unanimous Consent[1] among ALL scientists about what scientists say that humans and the rise of CO2 causes Global Warming. E.g. 30,000 scientists have collectively spoken out against these findings and say it is a Hoax[2] and many other scientists and professors have raised more than serious concerns about the narrative and say e.g. it is more like “a religion” and that it is “totally un-scientific”[3];
  • The Temperatures in actuality went up FIRST and THEN there was an increase in CO2:
  • CO2 cools the Temperature;
  • Nature runs on CO2, turning it into Oxygen, so we need
  • CO2 is just 0.04% of the total air. So the total air has 85.800 molecules and the CO2 in the total air amounts to a total of 33 molecules. Out of those 33 there are 32 which are from nature and 1 is caused by humans. The Global Warming theories say that this 1 molecule would cause global warming.... (see:;
  • There was some Global Cooling in the 70’s and Global Warming in the 1940's;
  • Projections are unreliable and doctored[4] and even get worse when extrapolated over longer periods of time. Scientists even get paid lucrative money to doctor data[5] and publish research under their name that they didn't write.
  • NOTHING of AL Gore’s predictions came through (so he's a false prophet, incl. Obama and the Pope);
  • Global temperatures have been virtually flat for about 18 years according to satellite data, and peer reviewed literature is now scaling back predictions of future warming;
  • So-called hottest year claims are based on year to year temperature data that differs by only a few HUNDREDTHS of a degree to tenths of a degree Fahrenheit – differences that are within the margin of error in the data. In other words, global temperatures have essentially held very steady with no sign of acceleration;
  • Despite claims of snow being ‘a thing of the past,’ cold season snowfall has been rising;
  • Sea level rise rates have been steady for over a century, with recent deceleration;
  • There are more trees in the Northern Hemisphere than 100 years ago;
  • Polar bears are doing fine, with their numbers way up since the 1970’s when there were approx. 5,000. These days there are around 35,000;
  • In 2016 Arctic sea ice was 22% greater than at the recent low point of 2012. The Arctic sea ice is now in a 10 year ‘pause’ with ‘no significant change in the past decade;
  • The Volcano eruptions of 1 year cause more CO2 to go in the air than what is caused by human doing;
  • The Magnetic Pole shift causes the relocation of usual temperatures in areas to other areas;
  • And one that hardly anybody talks about: the planets in our Universe also effect the Weatherpatterns on Earth.

This does not mean we don’t need to be much more considerate and careful with our Environment and clean it up, We Absolutely Do. But the Way How to do so will Determine if we are Successful at it. The Climate Change Hoax-Approach, as shown here, will Not Result in any success at all.

That's Why we need to Re-Define & Expand our Worldview to provide us with a Sound Wholistic World-View & Truthful Knowledge enabling us to generate Sound Policies & Measures.