Patrick Steensma has written the book:

"The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & Doing it Otherwise"

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What this book is about

The ongoing worldwide financial crisis has exposed many of the flaws of the monetary and banking systems in the World. However, the most fundamental issue has still not been addressed. This fundamental issue is the wrongful and unlawful foundation of how the current monetary system is set up and how it operates.

The way the current monetary systems works was designed, operated and perfected by International Bankers on a global scale. They have been globally working in concert, expanding their dominant role in the World by concoctions, manipulation, staging wars and ensuring to be unreachable for any democratic way of control or intervention. Thus, they have usurped the financial, economic and political power of Nations.

The International Bankers managed to globally wrest away from Nations their Sovereign Right to create and regulate their own money. They obtained the exclusive right to create money for the cost of printing, simply “out of nothing”, without any real value backing it. This shape of money is also called “fiat- or debt-money”. The International Bankers also obtained the exclusive right to facilitate the financing of Nations in which they were allowed to use this money they created out of nothing to buy a Nation's “State Bonds”, a concept and international system designed by the International Bankers.

The concept of the State Bond was designed as a Debt of the Nation on which it also needs to pay interest. While these State Bonds are purchased with money that is worthless, the State Bonds obscurely become a wrongful and unlawful hypothecation of the Nation's assets, which unlawfully creates a Debt and Interest for a Nation, all to be paid to the International Bankers. The debt and interest pay offs are perpetual, allowing the International Bankers to have a tight grip on the monetary systems of Nations and the control of a Nations money, of its economy and of people's lives. This is the most fundamental flaw of the current monetary system, causing a Global Abuse of the Creation of Money.

Banks were delegated an identical power of creating money out of nothing through the Fractional Reserve Banking-method. The financial crisis has made it clear that they have abused that power. But the fundamental flaw also applies to them in the way where they have been unlawfully and obscurely hypothecating the assets and work-force of Businesses and People, while committing fraud and theft, as well as usury on top of that.

Not one solution to adequately address the most fundamental flaw how to create, issue and regulate money has been taken.

This book addresses and exposes this most fundamental flaw and its injustice, how it was manipulated into this monopoly through time, what it actually means and its consequences.

These clarifications will make it obvious that the current fiat-money monetary system is the total unnecessary reason for ruining economies, injustice and poverty. It needs to be judged as an Unlawful Act, a fraud, a theft, and a violation of the Constitutions of Nations and of Humanity's Sovereign Right to have a just and sound operating monetary system.

Therefore the current monetary system ultimately needs to be abolished and replaced with a sound and just alternative. An upbeat towards doing so is here presented also via the Just Monetary System.

THE POWER HARMONIZER to Redesign & Fine-Tune the Governmental Apparatus

It was also obvious to me that only having a Just Monetary System was not going to do the full trick for a society. The current corrupt political system is inadequate to operate it and it will still obstruct and derail its intended operation. So an adjustment in the Design of the Societal Power-Structure is also needed.

To that effect I developed “The Power Harmonizer”: a new organic Template that can be applied on the THREE Levels of our Personal Life, of Businesses and Organizations as well as on the Realm of the Societal Structure, Government and Politics. The Power Harmonizer is based on the Make-Up of the Human Being and How we can Transform and Optimize our own Modus Operandi.

Each of the THREE Levels have their own Forcefield and so there are THREE Corresponding Variantions of The Power Harmonizer. While I have been very focused on the Monetary Systems and trying to find better ways to operate those it was a fascinating discovery for me to figure out The Power Harmonizer for Societies. With that Template they can Redesign their Governmental Apparatus so the powers therein can be addressed more adequately while interjecting harmonizing fundamentals in the operation and decision-making processes. The Monetary System will then also be operated in an Optimized manner.

In the book Chapter 5 has an introduction into it, but it will be fully outlined in another book.

However the Template and the Fundamentals of The Power Harmonizer by which the Government Apparatus of a Nation can the Fine-Tuning or Redesigning of a Nations's Societal Structure can take place is already available. On the Governments page some of those funfamentals are outlined.